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"La vie en rose" it is a French way of saying I'm looking at the world through rosé colored glasses and it exactly says everything I feel. This is a world on how I see it and how I interpret it to be...

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The Beatles (R)evolution - Danilo Agutoli

"When people sprout these words to you
“It’s going to be okay,” call them liars.
They’re trying to empathize with you,
unknowingly sugarcoating facts about life
in hopes of making you feel better.
Call them liars.
Life is not going to be okay.
This is not seeing the glass half-empty;
this is throwing away that stupid glass
and acknowledging that it was just water in it -
no matter how you see it, at the end of the day,
it was still just water in a piece of glass.
It’s a never-ending, vicious cycle of pain and happiness -
one minute, you think you’re happy,
then it’s a slap on the face the next minute.
That is life.
It will set you on fire that you would think you’re in hell already.
It will burn you, skin you alive, and mark you
with lifelong wounds reaching deep into your bones.
It will shove you into a hurricane of agony and grief.
It will convey a promise of a tomorrow,
but the minute you turn your back,
you’ll get scratches from its vile claws.
When you wake up and feel good about the day,
then good for you.
Don’t let that feeling go.
But don’t be foolish and think to yourself
things are going to be okay
(okay is such a vapid word even,
and that’s supposed to make you feel better?).
Life is a two-faced liar -
it’s hauntingly beautiful and evil.

Things are not going to be better;
they’re going to get harder.
Life will throw something at you each and every time,
no matter how old you are,
how satisfied you are at the moment,
and how much patience you have.
It’s entropy,
and the universe conspires against us.
It’s always wanting to break us apart and create chaos.
So call those people liars.
It’s not going to get better;
you’ll just learn how to overcome life
and do better.
You’ll be better - not life."

on seeing the glass for what it is (NJ.)



tracklist: dance with me tonight - olly murs // you belong with me - taylor swift // wannabe - spice girls // come and get it - selena gomez // try hard - 5 seconds of summer // what i’ve been looking for - high school musical soundtrack // don’t stop me now - queen // hot n’ cold - katy perry // best song ever - one direction // call me maybe - carly rae jepsen // a thousand miles - vanessa carlton // what makes you beautiful - one direction // hit me baby one more time - britney spears // grace kelly - mika // pocketful of sunshine - natasha bedingfield // runaway baby - bruno mars // chloe - emblem 3 // party in the usa - miley cyrus // mr. brightside - the killers // burnin’ up - jonas brothers // classic - mkto // unwritten - natasha bedingfield // c’mon - fun. ft panic! at the disco // walking on sunshine - katrina & the waves // year 3000 - busted // forget you - cee lo green